Mistress Blackdiamoond
Dirty Feet
Dirty Feet

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Along with Miss Amy, I make my feet really dirty in a bag full of mud that we brought from the outside. Just take a look at all that dirt on our naked feet, wow! That's all a present for our laughing stock whom we call into the room. He doesn't wait very long, but is adrenalized instead to lick our dirty feet asap! He crawls on all fours to his goddesses and starts with Miss Aimées feet. He licks even the tiniest of all muddy fuzz, just like he's never done something greater before... I have a fantastic idea: what about teaching him the swine language? Really- he grunts and squeaks like a pro!! Are you curious about how it'd be like to lick our tasty feet also? You can't hide that boner in your pants! Start with my feet and then go over to Miss Aimée feet, which that little pig prepared carefully for ya, you horny dirty skunk!