Mistress Blackdiamoond
Mistress Blackdiamoond
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I wish you a peaceful Advent season, a wonderful festival and a happy new year 2022.


 Warm greetings,

 Lady Blackdiamoond


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Mistress Blackdiamoond
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Which topic do you like best?




 Facesitting with a slave


 Ass straight to the camera


 Feet, if so which variants


 Mistress in latex dress, latex catsuit or or


 your dominatrix in leather and nylons




 tell me in the chat what you like pupils!

Mistress Blackdiamoond
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The game goes on


  At the appointment I was over on time with a pounding heart


  the studio.  And finally the time had come, the studio door opened and before


  my divine mistress stood me.  Her beauty redeemed as always


  Emotional orc in me.  I felt like the world stopped.  Everything


  blurred around me and my focus was solely on Lady


  Blackdiamoond, my mistress.  I entered quickly and immediately let myself up


  knees drop to greet you properly.  My place is in front of yours


  Feet and you demanded that I humbly kiss your high heels.


  “Take off your clothes and lie over the fuckbuck,” she ordered, “Prove that


  you are completely devoted to me slave pig. "


  I love it more than anything when the mistress speaks to me like that.  Each of these


  strict word fucks my brain and I sink into complete humility.


  She quickly fixed me with absolute perfection, making my legs


  were splayed and I could no longer move.  I was already yours


  totally delivered and only heard the clack of your heels behind mine


  Move.  Every slave knows this divine moment.  A tense one


  Wait what's gonna happen?  What is the mistress up to?  Tender


  Lady Blackdiamoond caressed her long and sharp fingernails


  over my back up to my head  That touch brought me


  just about the mind.  By the hair she pulled my head in the direction


  Neck and whispered in my ear with a highly erotic voice: “It will


  very, very hurt my little slave pig, but you won't scream. "


  The touch and the unusual closeness to my goddess excited me


  strong and I groaned.  I don't think I got the point of your words


  really understood as much as I was caught in your spell.  This should turn out to be


  change quickly, however.


  First she gave me a gag that filled my entire mouth.


  "You're not going to scream" came to mind.  Yes, the mistress did




  Next, my nipples were clamped.  The steel teeth


  digged painfully into my skin.  The pain was strong but still


  to endure.  This changed abruptly when the brackets were still with weights


  complained.  I thought I couldn't stand the pain and


  wanted to scream out loud.  Only a whimper came out.  "Should I be yours


  Make the pain more bearable? “Asked the mistress smugly.  I nodded wildly


  with your head hoping you would remove those weights that looked so heavy


  pulled my nipples.  But that wasn't your intention.  Instead


  She took a cane and directed my pain onto mine


  Buttocks.  I whined and tried to be merciful after each blow


  begging but not a word left my mouth.  The mistress made it visible


  Pleasure to chastise me like that.  I surrendered in my pain to what remained


  I also have other options.




  Lady Blackdiamoond understands it perfectly through her educative


  Take immediate action to break my resistance, it's as if that


  Pain makes me absolutely numb.  And exactly in this state I want


  the mistress have me.


  I do not know how many blows the mistress gave me but was at some point


  it over.  My ass burned like fire and I would have the next one


  Days thinking about this treatment.


  "Did you stretch your asshole every day like I ordered?"


  she asked.  I nodded eagerly and immediately I felt like the mistress with yours


  divine fingers and quickly inserted your whole hand.  The


  Pain overwhelmed me, she had never fisted me so quickly.  you


  drove your fist further and further into my fuck hole, back and forth and over and over


  faster and harder.  I lost track of time, happiness and


  Pain hormones raced through my body.  This goddess could do anything


  make me.


  Finally the mistress had fucked me enough.  She loosened the chains and


  freed me from the gag.  As if in a*******, I lay down in front of her.  I


  was grateful and unwilling.  There was every resistance, every doubt


  disappeared.  Lady Blackdiamoond felt my condition and breathed


  tenderly in my ear: “Now you are ready, little slave pig, you will for


  blow your mistress cocks "


  Days ago I would have absolutely refused to do this, but mine


  Transformation continues every day.  I am not a bi-slave


  and never will be, but I am absolutely a slave to my mistress


  and will do anything for you.


  On a leash and crawling on all fours, I followed into another room.


  On the St. Andrew's cross was a rubber doll with bulging rubber breasts and


  long red braids tied up.  The person was completely in latex


  wrapped.  His limp tail hung through a slit in the crotch.  "I will,


  that you blow my rubber maid's tail now. “ordered the mistress and


  led me to the maid.  With a few strokes she brought the tail to the


  stand and brought my mouth. “Lick the glans and push it to you


  then into your slave's mouth. ”she ordered.  I did as the mistress wanted.  you


  pressed my head firmly against the maid so that I could feel the erect tail in my throat.  She pressed it deeper and deeper into my mouth.  I had to


  choke but the mistress still had not enough and pushed my tail


  just further into my hole.  Next, you always guided my head


  back and forth, faster and faster.  The rubberdoll groaned and


  received the order from the mistress at 10 to cum.  To the second


  I felt the condom fill warm.  “Next time you will too


  slaves still swallow pig “let me know the mistress.


  It was over, I had blown a cock for my mistress and it


  made me proud to have packed it.


  As a reward, I was allowed to lie down under the toilet chair and the


  Drink divine NATURAL SPARKLING.  It was heavenly and totally aroused me.


   Lady Blackdiamoond was visibly satisfied with my performance and


  allowed me to jerk off and come on command.  7..6..I was


  so cool, only a few seconds until the redemption, 5 ... 4..3 .., I felt


  already as the orgasm was building.  Immediately .. "STOP" ordered the mistress


  in a sharp tone.  And immediately I stopped jerking off but it was


  already too late.  My tail twitched twice and then came the ruined one


  Orgasm.  The mistress laughed uproariously: “So you little wanker, not yet


  Loser can get a proper orgasm once, get dressed now


  go home and write down the session carefully.  I want to know


  what you learned "

Mistress Blackdiamoond
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Now it was time, on time I was standing in front of the studio door with a bottle of Sancerre.  As my mistress ordered, I wore a KG.  The time before the door is opened to redemption is always a torture for me, but as soon as it opens I enter heaven on earth, the realm of my goddess, LADY BLACKDIAMOOND.

 Seeing you is always a breathtaking experience for me.  Immediately I wanted to throw myself, blinded by your beauty, on the floor to kiss your beautiful feet.  With a knowing smile she stopped me and ordered me to go straight into the room, undress and open the*******.

 Immediately I did what was asked of me, generously allowing me to drink some******* from a dog bowl while she sipped a few sips.

 "Do you know what you are?" Were the first words to me.  What should i answer?  "Your slave," seemed like a good and correct answer.  "Maybe", she replied, "but first of all you are a dirty little bitch".  Then she took a thick, black Eding and wrote the word SLUT on my chest in bold letters.  "I'm curious if you can get this off before you go home" she said with a diabolical smile on her wonderful, red lips. Next she gave me a latex top with matching panties.  The mistress apparently liked what she saw.  I felt like a real slut.

 I would like to give good advice to every future slave candidate, pay attention to what you tick on the mistress' questionnaire.  When asked: As a slave I am ...., my crosses with submissive, masochistic and willing to experiment.  But whoever wishes something with Lady Blackdiamoond should always expect the worst that the mistress fulfills the wish.  In order to test my willingness to pain and to comply with my request, she skillfully stapled my two nipples several times with a surgical skin stapler. The metal clips penetrate deeply through the skin.  What a feeling, so far I only knew this from the operating room.  I think the shock and fear were bigger than the actual pain.  I loved the feeling, and even more I loved the gleam in the mistress' eyes as she pierced my flesh.  She loved to cause me pain, but she took on an almost supernatural beauty.  I flowed there.  That was the first moment of the transformation, something is changing in me right now.

 My next job was to pamper a male abdomen with a soft tail and testicles and a stretchy anus.  I had to lick and suck and work the asshole with tongue and cock.  Finally, I was allowed to fuck the ass.

 Through the nipple clamps with chain on my already stapled nipples, Lady Blackdiamoond had everything in hand to control me perfectly.  Even when pulling gently I licked twice as fast, driven by pain, sucked harder and fucked as fast as I could, the mistress liked that and as a reward I was allowed to sit under the toilet chair.

 So far I wasn't a big fan of NS, yes I could record something but it didn't kick me, I did what I was told.

 But this time after the first sip I was *******icated by this divine nectar and I eagerly swallowed on and on and could not get enough of it.  My transformation continued to take shape, I became a devotional toilet for the mistress.


  What if someone asked me what the mistress loves most?  My answer would be immediately: fuck the slave's ass.  Everyone who has been able to experience it knows what I'm talking about.  And let me say to all the poor who have not yet had this wonderful and haunting experience, it is an absolute “must have”.  Lady Blackdiamoond is an absolute specialist in this field, she empathetically penetrates you deeper and deeper and you have no choice but to surrender to her completely.

 Before I was allowed to sit on the gyn chair, I was given a tight leather mask, and the world around me immediately disappeared.  Seeing nothing, hearing nothing and just enough air to breath, that's how I was fixed.  The mistress penetrated me hard with a strapon.  The sensory deprivation made me feel the tail even more than ever before.  Push by push I let myself fall more but suddenly Lady Blackdiamoond stopped.  She pulled the rubber tail out of my asshole and slid her whole hand into me in one movement.  What an explosion I couldn't stand it the feeling was so intense.  The mistress gave me some time to get used to it, then she fisted me stronger and stronger.  How long it took I can no longer say, it was a hurricane of feelings but at some point the mistress let go of me and freed me from the leather mask.  Phew I finally got my breath back and thought the session would soon be over.  I was exhausted and had experienced a lot and deeply.  How should I be wrong?

 Lady Blackdiamoond was satisfied and praised me for what I enjoyed endlessly.  As a reward, she introduced me to a new toy, a real instrument of torture, a filigree vice for the hand and each finger individually.  Additionally, she reattached the steel clamps to my nipples.  What the mistress had now thought out exceeded everything I had been able to experience so far.  She began to fist me *******ly again until I begged for mercy, she immediately took the breaks as an opportunity to tighten the screws until I begged you to fist me again and so it went back and forth.  She also pulled on the nipple clamps.  It was a frenzy of the senses and unforgettable.

 It is beautiful to watch Mistress Lady Blackdiamoond how she gives pain with pleasure.  One look into your beautiful blue eyes and I suffered even more passionately for you.  After that I was a different person, or rather I felt for the first time how much I worshiped my mistress and how much I fell into love.  The transformation was complete and I had found my place under my mistress.

 The fact that she actually gave me an orgasm at the end made me very, very happy.

 End of story and beginning of my new life.

Mistress Blackdiamoond
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 First chapter: the mistress

 She calls herself Lady Blackdiamoond and in fact she is a jewel, unique and beautiful, who is forever lost to anyone who has once looked into the soul.

 And that's exactly what this true story is supposed to tell.  Looking back, I try to understand how it could have come to the point where I systematically fell for this goddess.  Of course, your beauty is perfect, dark, long hair sets the frame for your divinely cut face.  Those deep blue eyes that look straight into my soul.  I can't hide anything from you.  The path to these wonderful lips leads through the fine nose, pure sensuality.  Everything about my mistress is flawless, the firm skin, the sharp fingernails, her delicate, beautiful feet and of course a figure with magnificent curves and slender long legs.  DIVINE.

 But the supernatural beauty alone would never have made me what I am today.  No, it's your razor-sharp mind that neatly dissected my brain and put it back together again according to your expectations.  You have marked me indelibly as your property, your slave.

 Should beauty and intelligence alone be enough to turn a man into a slave?  No, my mistress has a lot more.  It is your natural, dominant aura.  Your pheromones, these signal substances of an absolute alpha woman, pour out of every pore.

 When she started playing with me, it was a hurricane of emotions that swept over me.  A virtuoso on the keyboard of eroticism, frivolity, pain and humiliation.

 I never would have thought what this beautiful woman would bring me to.

 End of first chapter

 Second chapter: the foreplay

 For years I have been visiting one or the other dominatrix.  Usually the ladies fulfill my secret desires and I live out part of my sexuality.  After that, my needs are covered for months and I wasted little more thought on the ladies.  But this should change in one fell swoop when MISTRESS BLACKDIAMOOND came into my life.  Before the big lockdown, I was allowed to visit you a few times.  It confused me, it was different from everything I have been able to experience before.  She did not fulfill my wishes, but put your fantasies straight into my brain.  She recreated my sexual dreams and ultimately made me yours.

 Due to the pandemic, it was a long time before our new meeting.  My transformation began a week before the actual session.  At first I received the order to pay the tribute in advance in the studio.  I did this promptly and with every step towards the studio my heart rate increased, and full of anticipation I threw the envelope in.  I informed my mistress that I had granted your wish.  We communicated through your chat, I love to write messages to you there and hope that THE GODDESS will leave a comment after every tenth slave message.

 The next command was chastity until we met.  I would never have believed how fascinating it is to give one's mistress the vow of chastity.  Knowing that I shouldn't touch myself excited me more and more.  My hands were tied with invisible chains.  I had very restless nights and an incredible feeling of submissiveness developed.  In my fantasies I could have done anything for my mistress.

 Since I knew that the mistress has absolute control during the session, I didn't even try to formulate my wishes.  However, I should prepare my asshole well.  Shave, clean and stretch well, I sensed that Lady Blackdiamoond had decided to fuck me thoroughly.

 The day before the session I got the following tweed: “We'll start punctually at 2 pm and you'll leave punctually at 4 pm without an orgasm.  Don't see it as a punishment, but rather to a condition that you can get used to in the future.  You won't cum with me, I don't like it when you get back to normal afterwards.  I like it when you are in this state.  Your goal will be to orgasm as rarely as possible. ”I was deeply shaken, I had been looking forward so much to this release after the week of chastity.  But of course the mistress was right, after an orgasm I am always transformed, no longer feel like a slave and of course remain friendly and courteous but no longer submissive.  The mistress does not like this "normal" side.


  But there was much more to it than that.  The thought "chaste for the mistress" burned itself into my mind and the more I thought about it, the more breathtaking I found this state.

 My brain was fucked like I had never seen it before and I was ready for the session, I thought.  Her next tweed made me shiver, she wanted me as a bi slave.

 If there is one thing I don't like, it's sex with men.  Once the mistress had already made me let another slave blow my tail.  I thought it was really bad.  But your instructions were clear: "I would like better if you would blow bubbles."

 My synapses were going crazy, how should I answer my mistress.  But I don't know what magic Mistress Blackdiamoond uses to cast your wishes.  I would do anything for this woman and so I wrote back to her trembling but proud.  : "Yes mistress, I will suck cocks for you whenever you want it."

 What did this divine mistress already do with me in the prelude to the session.