Mistress Blackdiamoond
Mistress Blackdiamoond
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I appreciate gifts and flowers from my wish list

Mistress Blackdiamoond
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I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2022 🎄

Mistress Blackdiamoond
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I wish you a peaceful Advent season, a wonderful festival and a happy new year 2022.


 Warm greetings,

 Lady Blackdiamoond


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Mistress Blackdiamoond
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Which topic do you like best?




 Facesitting with a slave


 Ass straight to the camera


 Feet, if so which variants


 Mistress in latex dress, latex catsuit or or


 your dominatrix in leather and nylons




 tell me in the chat what you like pupils!

Mistress Blackdiamoond
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The game goes on


  At the appointment I was over on time with a pounding heart


  the studio.  And finally the time had come, the studio door opened and before


  my divine mistress stood me.  Her beauty redeemed as always


  Emotional orc in me.  I felt like the world stopped.  Everything


  blurred around me and my focus was solely on Lady


  Blackdiamoond, my mistress.  I entered quickly and immediately let myself up


  knees drop to greet you properly.  My place is in front of yours


  Feet and you demanded that I humbly kiss your high heels.


  “Take off your clothes and lie over the fuckbuck,” she ordered, “Prove that


  you are completely devoted to me slave pig. "


  I love it more than anything when the mistress speaks to me like that.  Each of these


  strict word fucks my brain and I sink into complete humility.


  She quickly fixed me with absolute perfection, making my legs


  were splayed and I could no longer move.  I was already yours


  totally delivered and only heard the clack of your heels behind mine


  Move.  Every slave knows this divine moment.  A tense one


  Wait what's gonna happen?  What is the mistress up to?  Tender


  Lady Blackdiamoond caressed her long and sharp fingernails


  over my back up to my head  That touch brought me


  just about the mind.  By the hair she pulled my head in the direction


  Neck and whispered in my ear with a highly erotic voice: “It will


  very, very hurt my little slave pig, but you won't scream. "


  The touch and the unusual closeness to my goddess excited me


  strong and I groaned.  I don't think I got the point of your words


  really understood as much as I was caught in your spell.  This should turn out to be


  change quickly, however.


  First she gave me a gag that filled my entire mouth.


  "You're not going to scream" came to mind.  Yes, the mistress did




  Next, my nipples were clamped.  The steel teeth


  digged painfully into my skin.  The pain was strong but still


  to endure.  This changed abruptly when the brackets were still with weights


  complained.  I thought I couldn't stand the pain and


  wanted to scream out loud.  Only a whimper came out.  "Should I be yours


  Make the pain more bearable? “Asked the mistress smugly.  I nodded wildly


  with your head hoping you would remove those weights that looked so heavy


  pulled my nipples.  But that wasn't your intention.  Instead


  She took a cane and directed my pain onto mine


  Buttocks.  I whined and tried to be merciful after each blow


  begging but not a word left my mouth.  The mistress made it visible


  Pleasure to chastise me like that.  I surrendered in my pain to what remained


  I also have other options.




  Lady Blackdiamoond understands it perfectly through her educative


  Take immediate action to break my resistance, it's as if that


  Pain makes me absolutely numb.  And exactly in this state I want


  the mistress have me.


  I do not know how many blows the mistress gave me but was at some point


  it over.  My ass burned like fire and I would have the next one


  Days thinking about this treatment.


  "Did you stretch your asshole every day like I ordered?"


  she asked.  I nodded eagerly and immediately I felt like the mistress with yours


  divine fingers and quickly inserted your whole hand.  The


  Pain overwhelmed me, she had never fisted me so quickly.  you


  drove your fist further and further into my fuck hole, back and forth and over and over


  faster and harder.  I lost track of time, happiness and


  Pain hormones raced through my body.  This goddess could do anything


  make me.


  Finally the mistress had fucked me enough.  She loosened the chains and


  freed me from the gag.  As if in a*******, I lay down in front of her.  I


  was grateful and unwilling.  There was every resistance, every doubt


  disappeared.  Lady Blackdiamoond felt my condition and breathed


  tenderly in my ear: “Now you are ready, little slave pig, you will for


  blow your mistress cocks "


  Days ago I would have absolutely refused to do this, but mine


  Transformation continues every day.  I am not a bi-slave


  and never will be, but I am absolutely a slave to my mistress


  and will do anything for you.


  On a leash and crawling on all fours, I followed into another room.


  On the St. Andrew's cross was a rubber doll with bulging rubber breasts and


  long red braids tied up.  The person was completely in latex


  wrapped.  His limp tail hung through a slit in the crotch.  "I will,


  that you blow my rubber maid's tail now. “ordered the mistress and


  led me to the maid.  With a few strokes she brought the tail to the


  stand and brought my mouth. “Lick the glans and push it to you


  then into your slave's mouth. ”she ordered.  I did as the mistress wanted.  you


  pressed my head firmly against the maid so that I could feel the erect tail in my throat.  She pressed it deeper and deeper into my mouth.  I had to


  choke but the mistress still had not enough and pushed my tail


  just further into my hole.  Next, you always guided my head


  back and forth, faster and faster.  The rubberdoll groaned and


  received the order from the mistress at 10 to cum.  To the second


  I felt the condom fill warm.  “Next time you will too


  slaves still swallow pig “let me know the mistress.


  It was over, I had blown a cock for my mistress and it


  made me proud to have packed it.


  As a reward, I was allowed to lie down under the toilet chair and the


  Drink divine NATURAL SPARKLING.  It was heavenly and totally aroused me.


   Lady Blackdiamoond was visibly satisfied with my performance and


  allowed me to jerk off and come on command.  7..6..I was


  so cool, only a few seconds until the redemption, 5 ... 4..3 .., I felt


  already as the orgasm was building.  Immediately .. "STOP" ordered the mistress


  in a sharp tone.  And immediately I stopped jerking off but it was


  already too late.  My tail twitched twice and then came the ruined one


  Orgasm.  The mistress laughed uproariously: “So you little wanker, not yet


  Loser can get a proper orgasm once, get dressed now


  go home and write down the session carefully.  I want to know


  what you learned "