Mistress Blackdiamoond
Mistress Blackdiamoond
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in a district of Berlin name Kreuzberg, the district a legendary Domina coalition, joined I on a stunning beauty, which me inevitably in their spell moved! your seidenweiches face is looking to peer. just a glittering Diamond could at irradiation of sunlight the favor of their sparkling eyes dispute machen.hinlänglich a short correspondence, begged me to the attention of this divine nature. prompt it was followed by the first instructions which me in advance to be a tribute easier and me in retrospect a written work imposed. only the attention of Lady blackdiamoond I am now certainly. so inconspicuously the theme from your spring also sound, it began a race of me not only with new rules on time confronted. also the inside put in the imposed role, overwhelmed me in a healthy mass. now but linger I but since hours before a blank sheet of paper and try me without exception about this story poignant niederzuschreiben.der adored mistress, which it is not take let than pure zeitvertrieb your staff to necessary, wiederfuhr again a schauderhafte weariness, because it's your all of these useless hausangestellten not right to make could and your entertainment not contribute knew. in these moments it was close to that immediately after that one of its staff at once for your inglorious mood especially buses had. it passed no minute, provided you with sounding bells all your in the Institute available servants auf.im whole House made a quiet clip-clop noticeable. from anywhere found your serfs together and knelt with head down before her down. the displeasure let not long wait and joined sibilant from your Red colored lips, so that your submissives servant still small together huddled and forgiveness baten.der sight, like all your staff before your feet knelt, drew a wide grin in her petite face. the seemed to be like. it gave them all, from then on in stockings to appear and you peripherally to use. the sight seemed to like, which also your irritation laid. in short, she was princely cared for what they obviously genoss.die before fear eingestauchten servant brought their finest sparkling wine. care is caring for your lovely shoes. they needed only with your finger to snap, already have been your dirty soles with tongue one of their serfs cleaned. the front of awe solidified faces served its at the same time as well as spuckscheibe, where you itself but picky showed and for that only appropriate dunces as target auswählte.alle envied each of the chosen ones. because it was a beautiful sight, dierkt in mind managed to get as Lady blackdiamoond your delicious saliva in the mouth collected and then your Red lips escalated to face to spitting. it made her visibly fun, so you several times a row to spitting ansetzte. sometimes expressed the head of their target with hands to the side and rotzte in from the side zu.natürlich were her well as the delicate bestrumpften füsschen massaged what your very wholesome appeared. you enjoyed it properly when unteranderem also time a weak was and your shoes sniffed. so she could him Furthermore punish and erniedrigen.im face of the beautiful petite mistress, erhaschte I furtively as one of your servant, all female attributes that you playful in betörender clothing for check presented while you located in the entree on a cozy sofa sat down and I me to your lovely shoes take care was allowed. this suggestive perceptions let me as in a dream sink. but Lady blackdiamoond gave as soon as possible all the reality to understand how it is heard a mistress forgiveness to ask. on her knees was allowed to a everyone at your order your Grace pay homage and their black high-heeled pumps kissing, which is my submissive desire very contrary kam.im course of the on close contact excited beisammenseins, filled your glass with sparkling wine, which I on my Palm in balance holding. while I on the uncomfortable laminate knelt and their beautiful legs bemusterte. lustful wiped with your tongue the süsslichen taste of the Scarlet colored lips and circled at the same time with fingers over the glass edge, as led you something in the Shields. it turned your view to me down and expressed with schelmischem smile whether I also thirst get would have? on a blow faltered me the breath and my throat was like dried out. the hochgeschossene pulse let me forget that my jaw still down hung and I a fairly unbeholfenes image hergab. solidifies looked I in Lady blackdiamoonds eyes. at the glitzrigen pupils and the süsslich devilish smile I realized at once, as the mistress a lustful kick gave my justified fear felt. you schürzte your lips, brought air through the gerümpfte nose and schallte me a smack. thank you kindly at your mistress and kiss the shoes, nagged you. forwards about piked, pressed I again my lips delightfully on your high-heeled pumps. again and again, it is me an honor their shoes kiss to do. just as I aufrichte, handle you as soon as possible with the right hand after my chin, drew my face to themselves and spat from the top down in my sklavenmaul. it was followed by a repertoire that my breast-feeding require nothing to be desired let. arschduft smell, shoes sniff, nylon feet smell and licking. it was divine and let me completely forgotten that I still humiliating before her in blunt .

Mistress Blackdiamoond
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I wish you a healthy new year 2018, this year there will be more clips again and I will turn off the desired videos in January, which have not yet been fulfilled.

Greetings Lady Blackdiamoond

Mistress Blackdiamoond
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I wish you a merry christmas and happy holidays as well as a happy new year 2018.

Mistress Blackdiamoond
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In the leather and BDSM community we often meet the term leather fetish. In my affinity for leather, I met this same scene, the BDSM scene, at an early age. For many years, I always wore leather trousers, jackets, underwear or the like, always in secret or deliberately combined with other fabrics, such as cotton. a pair of jeans. I could never live my fetish for leather open and happy. At some point a Domina addressed me with a text message and asked me to visit her. It was domina mistress Blackdiamoond from Berlin. I hid myself secretly somewhere on websites or dark places until that moment, but never did I even believe to visit a professional dominatrix.

Who was this domina? What would make me leave my comfort zone and take the decisive step out into the light of the BDSM scene?

I started the search for Mistress Blackdiamoond. And what I got to see, inspired me.

Mistress Blackdiamoond embodies what I imagined from the world of eroticism. When in the BDSM scene Leather Latex and Varnish (LLL) is a must for stylish and luxurious charisma, it seems almost as if Mistress Blackdiamoond had co-invented and shaped this scene right from the start.

The leather scene still too often believes that part of our culture is dedicated to the worship of masculinity, masculine strength, and all the ideals associated with symbols of strong rule and power. If you look at so many gay event, then this misconception may be right. But the leather scene also lives on and in particular on the fact that this material is perfect for wrapping the female body. Leather has this incredible ability to present beautiful, feminine and modern erotic and, moreover, leather has the fantastic property of always smelling good and unique as leather does not absorb impure fabrics.

It goes without saying for me, then, that Mistress Blackdiamoond wears leather and latex on her body, since this purity of herself is only properly appreciated with this material. When Mistress Blackdiamoond meets me in leather, it makes me want to touch her and smell that wonderful scent. Since a dominatrix like Mistress Blackdiamoond dressed in leather but also stands for unimpeachable dominance, there is no way for me to fulfill these fantasies and dreams. Then this fantasy and that dream changes to me, that Mistress Blackdiamoond touches me with her leather gloves, chastises me, picks up the whip and tries to drive me out of my instinct. And that too belongs to the leather fetish: the English education. With whip and leather straps is then taken so long on me until I - the sub - understood that a Dodge, a Undiszipliniertheit is not desired and I have to submit to the mistress fully and completely. Experience has shown that the nature of the education is also a very good starting point for the role play between Mistress Blackdiamoond and me. As a slave, I quickly understood that misconduct is punished immediately. And what is so remarkable about leather? You can make so many wonderful things with this material. Leather collars, leather masks, leather cuffs, leather whips, leather corsets, leather boots, leather skirts or jackets, leather hats or caps, leather chaps, leather jockstraps and even leather dildos. Whatever, with leather, I can live my identity and sexual freedom.

My mistress Blackdiamoond will surely show me in leather uniform at the next meeting what it means to receive orders, which brings me a little closer to my imagination and my dream of experiencing a bit of the flair of the leather on the mistress' body.

Mistress Blackdiamoond
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