Mistress Blackdiamoond
Mistress Blackdiamoond
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558 Zeichen über dem Maximum von 5000:
h hatte Frau Doktor aber ein Einsehen und fuhr die Regler zurück. „Geschafft, damit sollte dein Schmerzempfinden wieder im Normbereich liegen“ Ich war erleichtert und zugleich erschöpft. Frau Doktor und Viola entfernen alle Elektroden, den Knebel sowie die Nadeln. Auch der Katheter wurde entfernt, wobei sich Frau Doktor kritisch über die abgegebene Menge meines Urins äußerte. Sie diagnostizierte, dass ich viel zu wenig trinke und mir dadurch auch wertvolle Mineralien fehlen würden. Zunächst aber wollte sie sich den Ablagerungen im Darmbereich widmen.

I was about to go away when I suddenly heard the door open. Footsteps approached and stopped abruptly in front of my sickbed. However, nothing was said and for a few moments nothing happened. What's going on here? Who's there? What is he / she planning to do? My thoughts skipped. Out of nowhere, however, a hand stroked my head. Then I knew: It must be Viola, because I already knew this stroking. Her hand moved from my head over the breastbone and abdomen, continuing along my left thigh to the foot and then back to my best piece. He was then gently massaged and stood within a moment on Habacht position. The massaging ended but suddenly and nothing happened anymore. Furthermore, no word, no sound fell. Endless seconds in which I did not know what would happen. Then the completely unexpected surprise: Viola spoiled me by all means of art orally. What a feeling, overwhelming. I really wanted to come, but Viola noticed this quickly and stopped immediately. Footsteps took off. "No, no, no, please do not, do not leave me like that," I thought, but did not say it. The door slammed shut and I was alone again.
Some time passed, how much can I not say before the door opened again and approached steps again. A Deja Vue: Again stroking the head. This time, however, Viola spoke to me: "Time for the Revange" I guessed how Viola went to bed with me and positioned directly over my face. Her thighs were warming my ears now and she said: "tongue out and get to work". Of course I liked that. With my tongue, I groped my way and spoiled Viola orally. Especially her piercing had done to me, because it was a pleasure for us both to play with it. Viola groaned and read her hips circles. I intensified my tongue activities. Suddenly Viola stood up, meaning "That's enough." Again, the game stopped when it was at its best. Viola left the room without further words.
Time passed again, meanwhile I had to be in the Segufix for more than 2 hours. At least that's what happened to me. The wait, however, came to an end as the door opened and approached several steps. I heard the voice of Frau Doktor speaking to me: "Well recovered? Ready for the next therapy? "I bejate and have been freed from the Segufix.
Frau Doktor explained the further course of treatment to me: "Next we take care of the bacterial infection. Since this was found in the urine, this must now completely out. Peeing alone will not be enough, so I'll have to put you a catheter. Please take another seat on the gyn chair. "
I took a seat and was fixed again, because Frau Doctor offered me that the placement of the catheter could sometimes be uncomfortable or painful.
My penis was disinfected and Doctor injected a gel into the urethra, which acted briefly. Afterwards she opened the package of the catheter and guided it completely.

slowly. It pinched a little at times, but it was not painful. When the bladder was reached, she fixed the catheter over the balloon and closed a urine bag. My urine flowed immediately, which satisfied Frau Doktor. "So while this is going on, we bring the
Pain Sensitivity Therapy to an end. "Commented
Frau Doktor and ordered Viola to get the electrical stimulation device.
In my head, the thought tormented me: what, that is
not over yet? "Well, obviously it was not
for Frau Doktor attached two crocodile clips
the needles, which are still my nipples
ed. The cables connected them to the power controller.
"Please still the Stromplug and the acorn loop" spoke
Woman doctor to Viola. Viola got the said
Instruments. Mrs. Doctor took care of setting
of the plug while Viola put the acorn loop on me.
All cables were connected to the controller.
"We start slowly and increase to a maximum level. It lingers for a moment before we go back slowly. "The words of Doctor suggested that it would be painful. She turned up the controls and continuously increased the intensity. From a slight tingle, we were quickly at a significant discomfort. I was already complaining about what Frau Doktor did not like and let me miss the butterfly gag again with Viola. "Three more steps to the maximum" I bit on the gag and whined and fidgeted. But Frau Doktor had no mercy. We reached the maximum. Every impulse was a pure torture and Frau Doktor was not ready to drive back the controls. "Just a little bit more, then you did it". Fortunately, the restraints were very robust, otherwise I would have jumped from the chair.
But Frau Doktor had a look and drove back the controls. "Done, so that your pain sensation should be back within the normal range" I was relieved and at the same time exhausted. Frau Doktor and Viola remove all the electrodes, the gag and the needles. The catheter was also removed, but Frau Doktor commented critically on the amount of my urine given off. She diagnosed that I was drinking too little and therefore would be missing valuable minerals. But first she wanted to devote herself to the deposits in the intestinal area.

Mistress Blackdiamoond
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I have been compared to the study for some time and discomfort. Headache, hypersensitivity, nausea and bacheacheal ultimately the trigger for this date appointed with a woman. Create blackdiamoond. I signed my symptoms by mail and, promoting the answer immediately became the most important way to be. For the agreed appointment, I convened to me their practice and rang on the door. But to my surprise, however, I did not open Domain's doctor, but a nor nika's norwoman. "Yes, please?" She asked. I answers and told her that I would have an appointment at Mrs. Doctor Blackdiamoon, what she asked me to. "Mrs. Doctor is still in an appointment, but will be there for you soon. You can take place in the waiting room as long as possible. "The attractive nurse, whose kittel was a lush decolét to be recognized. For this she wore white, holder stockings and black pumps. It was really nice to look at. I took place in the waiting room and browse in a few magazines before I heard steps. The door opened and the nurse demanded me to follow me, because Mrs. Doctor would receive me now. I followed her and could not hond her po and her long legs from the eyes. We entered one of the treatment room of Mrs Doctor Blackdiamoond. She sat in a latex clinic outfit behind her desk and already apparently already my medical records on the laptop. She asked me to take place and report again to my complaints. Attention made her notes. "Well, we want to go out the cause of the reason." Her view turned to the nurse and she said, "Viola, you may go for a time, I take the patient. If I need it, I call you. "Then woman's doctor's eyes looked back to me:" Please make free, I will investigate you now. "I had to get rid of all my clothes and put on the hospital bed. Mrs. Doctor listened me down with her stethoscope and also dimensionally directly to pressure and pulse. "We are we excited about?" She asked Grinsend. I had to put on the back, so that Mrs. doctor she scan my belly. She made detailed notes again, but read on the clear ourselves in the wrong way, if something was wrong or something was wrong. With a wait-bowl, she wanted to find out how to make a more sensitive to I'm up to date. Even after the first roles about my body, this coincided. "Oha, that's hypersensibly" Stone-born Mrs. Doctor. Then she went on: "You can tighten you again" While I did this a little plastic cup, I thought it and said that she had a urine sample of me. She called Viola that accompany me into the bathroom to the urine sample and then bring to the waiting room. I should wait for the exam results. This time, the wait would be for a long time, eventually I wanted to know what Mrs. Doctor founded. Finally, after long minutes, again steps of high heels. Again the door opened to the waiting room and again Viola in front of me. "The results are there, you shall become a wife doctor." Together it went back to the treatment room where Women's doctor Diamoond was already waiting for us. "The bad news is: you have a bacterial insert and various deposits in the darken area. The bacteria already attack the nerve cells. The good news is: we can treat it. Either right now, or after the next week next. But it would be better if we start immediately. Do you have time? "The words sat and caused nervousness in me. But since I did not want to make it up with that, I told her that I had time and we can start directly. Mrs. Doctor welcomed the decision, but added to some of therapies, however, will certainly be painful. I therefore need a signature of you, that you agree. "She stretched to me a form that I signed. "This would be the formalities clarified. Viola you already know, she will be better at me at your treatment. "This info relied my shortening a little. Mrs. Doctor spoke to Viola, "We start with a cleaning, hygiene is finally the A and O. What do you think? The big or standing cleaning? "Viola answered," The big paste, I'm already more ready for it. " What did not mean that I understood, but I followed her into the bathroom. Instead of let alone, let it take a shower, so that she came with it in the room. "Touch off and put the tub." She pointed to the bathtub. I was so designed that I did not respond. Viola, who had extended their sis in the meantime, repeated their word, "put off and put into the tub." I answer: "Why. What? What do you have? "What was viola again:" To one thing you can do dutsz, but on the other hand I expect obedience, so take off and get into the tub with you! "Even before I could" take a "but" to say, I would like me to suggest me: "Will soon?" I relucted myself and put me in the tub. Viola now turns on the edge of the tub so I was right under her. She pushed her slip aside and said, "Before you shower, you will receive a special exfoliation." I had a clear view of her sanctuary and could discover an intimpiercing. For a long time, I could not glue to this sight, because a warm beam gated me. They pissed me up from top to bottom. A pair of syringe also came into my face. I tried to avoid the beam, but had no chance in the tub. When she finished with her exfoliation as she called it, she ordered me, "You'll get you still nice and soverefiction for the exfolius. Then you go under the shower and shower you. In 15 minutes I get you off. You can not get anyway, so you could do so much, so I have what Viola demanded from me and waited for her return.

Mistress Blackdiamoond
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"Chris, you have to discuss our new year in our 2nd to our customer for the company. I was very much about this message. Not necessarily because of the new project, but that therefore finally once again the opportunity to request an appointment at Lady Blackdiamoond. At the same evening, I sent an appointment request and received promptly feedback that the appointment is possible. It was followed by another two emails to discuss the contents of the session. Then it was perfect to make an appointment at Lady Blackdiamoond. I was happy for him and could not wait to visit the trip to Berlin. Finally, it was the long time, the long-last day was there. From my hotel, I made the way to the studio by the subway. This proved to be very simple, with a lot too early and so the opportunity for a walk took us. Minutes can actually be hours. On time, I rang on the studio door. Lady Blackdiamoon opened the door and asked me in. She looked fantastic. Much better, as you can already hit the pictures of your website. We chatted something, drank a glass of water at the bar before asked, "Well, are you ready?" I confirmed and brought it by her. "Here are towels. Showers, ready to make, knock and wait for me! Did you understand? "I nodded and begen below the shower. Shortly after my knocking mark I took the sound of her paragraphs. She came closer and closes the door to the bathroom. "Come on!" Ordered me. I followed a rigor and place it in the game room. "I've already prepared something for you" "she spoke and smelled herhem. She pointed to a few high heels and handed me holder stockings. "Tighten!" I was allowed to put me on a small stool and pulled me the nylons and high heels. Somehow a shameful, but also horny feeling. Lady Blackdiamoon himself was worthing ultraheal heels and showed me how to run elegantly. I should follow her. Pretty rigidly stagged a few steps through the room and started to make the mistake of several times lady blackdiamoond. She noticed this naturally and merely me "at the bottom", I think it's going on !! ". Nevertheless, Lady Blackdiamoon was satisfied with my bakery and ordered me to put me on the bed. "We will now be able to push your friend," she whispered to me and took a chastity belt from the cabinet. Luckily, Lady Blackdiamoon is very clever when the kg was used, because my friend wanted to grow and resigned against the closure. But then the padlock was picked up and it was happening. Next, I should sit down. Lady Blackdiamoond took a medical deprivation mask and put it on me. The belts were closely laced and quickly realized how the senses began and I began to sweat. Monding, I took my instruction to me to kneel and hands up and burn on the bed. The hands were tied up and Lady Blackdiamoond removed shortly. The mask missing the sense to recognize where she went or what they were doing. Suddenly, I felt cold cords or belts, I could not say it at this time, on my back. "Staying for a punishment!" Taded me Lady Blackdiamoond. Now it was clear that it was a whip. This then read them more often on my butt. In between, she moved back and instantly the impact instrument. Always on the same way: first to the back, which then gently lead, then with swing on the superior-row. "I hope you learned your lesson" she asked me what I nodded.I was allowed to get up again and then put me on the bed. Lady Blackdiamoon tickle feet and hands each on the beds and brought me down from the mask. However, the gained freedom did not last very long, for immediately, I missed a rubber mask that was coupled to a breathing hose. By the mask, one could have a good a bit good. By the unfortunately slightly fledged inserts, I could perceive for how Lady Blackdiamoond turned over me and let her ns flow in a container. A few drops I even got my body. Lady Blackdiamoon then disappeared shortly from my view angle. Suddenly I realized that was pulled to the hose. My head turned into the direction and I saw loading blackdiamoond banded the container with her NS with the breathing hose. She grinned and said "Enjoy this duftherapy" The scent of her NS immediately into my nose. Dodge was impossible why I did not resist and resisted calm and precipitated. "So it's good" she praised me and suciously meant a fiery for my fate. Whether you could actually left the room I could not say, definitely I felt safe and inhaled another to her fragrance. Then, at once, again a fidgeting at the breathing hose. This was dissolved and meadily taken it out of the mask. Lady Blackdiamoid stands next to me and held the NS container and a small funnel in his hand. "Smell alone, but is not enough, my dear! It also has to be drunk "she smiled again with her heaven and gave me the funnel in her mouth. Quite slowly and in small portions, she found me her NS. I jainted for this privilege for me. "I have a new toy, which we now try, or what do you mean?" She asked me to ask. Of course, no one came in question. It was a dilator with power connection. Conculting they led them into my urethra and turned the stream. The game between Dilator pure and reappears, sometimes more less than intensive strike seemed to please, because we spot a little bit. There was also some facesitting, which I liked me very much. Also my friend liked this so much that he wanted to break out of his cage. Lady Blackdiamoon had eventually looked at a lock and locking the kg, what my friend immediately like a 1 stand. "You say note before you're, that's clear?" She prevailed me and began to massage my friend. It did not last long until I shopped "Stop". Instantly she stopped and counted from 10. "3.2.1 and further. It will not spray, do you hear? "This game was gorgeous and cruel at the same time and repeated a few times. When the distances always shorter were submissive lady blackdiamoond of this tease and derial game again and again to make me of their face, with beautiful nylons, placed on my face. I should have inhalation deep and relax. Her feet stroked my face. Just heavenly. Then she again took the game with hurry and denomination. "And now you will come!" I took the redeeming words. Lady Blackdiamoon took one of her high heels, attached to her nose, so I were still intensively invited her scent. I closed the eyes, enjoyed the fragrance and wall me and forth as she brought me to a huge orgasm. Lady Blackdiamoid freed me from the shackles and told me that I should take off the holder-free stockings and should lie down. Then I was allowed to thank her a few stresses for a breathtaking session before brought me back to the bathroom.

Mistress Blackdiamoond
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I'm back in Munich on August 08th and 30th and 31st in the bizarre studio Elegance.

This means a chance for you to get to know Real and play together.

Otherwise, of course you have the opportunity to visit me in Berlin in the fetish institute by appointment.

Escort is also possible with me, just contact me by email.

Mistress Blackdiamoond
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See you in June again in nuremberg and next month april in munich