Mistress Blackdiamoond
Mistress Blackdiamoond
Written on 23.04.2017 at 20:11 by Mistress Blackdiamoond

My next dates for Sessions:


Frankfurt: 08./09.05

Berlin: the most time ;) only with appointments 2 days before

Switzerland: 09.06-11.06 


Munich: 23./24.06 and 21.07 #femalepower #dominatrix #bdsm #dominanceandsubmission

Mistress Blackdiamoond
Written on 16.04.2017 at 22:32 by Mistress Blackdiamoond

iam in many city's and nice studios.

Mistress Blackdiamoond
Written on 01.04.2017 at 00:14 by Mistress Blackdiamoond

I am traveling again, you have the opportunity to meet me in Switzerland from 7 April to 9 April.


From 21st April to 22nd April appointments are possible with me in Munich.


 From 21st April to 22nd April appointments are possible with me in Munich.


From 8 to 9 May I am in Frankfurt am Main.

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Mistress Blackdiamoond
Written on 24.03.2017 at 22:49 by Mistress Blackdiamoond

#domina #domme #femdom #femdomme #dominatrix #mistress #femaledomination #prodomme #fiftyshades #fiftyshadesofgrey  #kinky #bdsm #fetish #femalesupremacy
#latex #latexfashion #latexlove #fetishmodel
#latexmodel #Господства #деньги #любовнице #gangbang #blowjob

Mistress Blackdiamoond
Written on 05.03.2017 at 00:31 by Mistress Blackdiamoond

Summer in the city and even in the hot Berlin. The thermometer climbed up to 30 degrees Celsius and I was traveling a lot. Barefoot in my chic red high-heeled. And the whole day ...
The sun just disappears behind the high house roofs and the blue hour is beginning to appear. The time between day and night, in which so much is possible and from the so much magic proceeds.
I can not wait to do something good for my feet. You have to do a lot today.
Among other things, an extensive walk through the zoo with one of my innumerable slaves. Oh, it was so humiliating for him. I made him walk barefoot with me, as it is for a good-for-nothing slave. He wore only a simple gray short cloth trousers. Then nothing. His fat belly was in full view. And these ugly hangovers ...
On each of his cheeks I had painted a red cross as a mark. And that was the reason. For in a good regularity I gave him a strong voice. It was my goal, always to hit exactly those beautiful red crosses, so that it particularly hurt. Moreover, he was so adequately drawn.
Also in the midst of the chattering sounded the clapping of my hands. Oh, what a beautiful sound. His head then always turned so beautifully in one direction or the other.
We met many people. Some shook their heads, others smiled. One of them mocked: "I would think that I'd be beaten by a woman, you Schlappschwanz. I would show it! "But he stopped immediately as I looked at him with my cold, cruel, no contradiction, and made him go. A man nodded knowingly and full of fervor. "Enjoy it, you pervert!" A group of young women giggled only when they saw us.
From time to time he had to stand out in front of me and I kicked him full of his balls. He felt my hot shoes.
After an hour walk, we were both pretty much done. I could barely walk and he whimpered louder and louder every time he hit. But that was not enough. I sat down with him on a bench and gave him another ear. After another hour on the bench, where I was recovering and enjoying a nice cold mineral water, he really had enough. He was dizzy, he could scarcely have a clear thought, and now screamed at every ear. In order not to risk taking someone to the police, I left him.
He moaned that he was so thirsty. That was more than understandable. So we went into a big bush. I ordered him to lie down on his back and put me over him. Quickly my panties had moved out and already my divine, delicious natural sparkle directly into his Slavemaul. He absorbed everything in himself and there was much.
This, however, did not in the least quench his thirst and so it was a good conclusion for me.
After I had relieved myself, I told him to stand up with my back to me. Then I kicked him neatly into his fat ass. He fell, his body swallowing disgustfully at the fall. I left him lying. I always did that.
Wow, that was exhausting and exciting!
And now I stand in front of my studio, the black paradise where dreams come true. My naked feet now slipped very much in my high shoes, because they had so sweated. They needed urgent care. But I still had to start it because it was so discussed for the next session.
Full of joyous excitement, I prepare everything to create the appropriate atmosphere. I also place my slaves' mat to the Niederkien with the dull nails directly in front of my throne. They do not hurt at first but unfold their effect after a few minutes. A dull pain then grabs the knees, becomes ever stronger and spreads out in concentric circles throughout the body. The first pain can still be endured, but at some point you can no longer moan. And suffering is getting stronger. Just like a slave.
Now quickly get a few candles and a good music.
After a felt eternity, it finally rings. It's time. My footclave was there. And good for him: On time!
He had once had to experience a hard chastisement with my cane. And he hated to be whipped and beaten. I had just tied him up with his arms up. When the blows hit him, he did a real crazy dance. Uncontrolled, his joints twitched and he screamed like a small child. He bounced and begged me to stop. But that only spurred me on. I pulled the cane more and more. When he finally began to bleed, I had to groan - but with excitement! His screams were


My Studio: http://www.fetisch-institut.com