Mistress Blackdiamoond
Six Feet in his face
Six Feet in his face

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At the beginning the slave seems to be kinda happy when six divine feet meet his ugly face. That's one of the nice things.. but he's so wrong, 'cause the Mistresses are able to beat his face with their feet as hard as they can do with their hands. He has to play their games and guess who's foot is on his face, just by smelling it! But he fails ruefully and receives some more faceslaps by their feet! Mistress Blackdiamoond wants to make it perfect and tries out facestanding. Her whole weight is balancing on his head and his neck! Lady Chanel and Miss Amy join in and squeeze the loser's head. The humiliated slave is completely committed to their brutal feet and has no control over what's happening to him. Who knew that he's even a nice piece of sports equipment!