Mistress Blackdiamoond
Licking boots, latex stockings and sniffing sweaty feet
Licking boots, latex stockings and sniffing sweaty feet

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Today my slave has the pleasure of licking my latex stockings! While he kneels naked in front of me he is used as a footstool by my friend Lady Selina. I order him to lick and kiss my latex stockings. He has to follow my orders without question! After he has licked my stockings for some time, the boots of my girlfriend are waiting to be licked. The slave has to lick with his tongue for as long as I want. We talk about his wife. She is just waiting for him, but that's not our problem. I bet he can't satisfy his wife anyway, so he should at least make sure he's a good servant! As he's a good bootlicker we allow him to take off Lady Selina's boots. Now her stocking-clad feet are to be smelled and massaged. I'm so warm in my latex stockings, so I take them off. You can see how sweaty my feet are. Such good luck for my slave! He lies down and I put my extremely sweaty feet on his face while he wanks his cock!