Mistress Blackdiamoond
Humiliated and used by 2 ladies
Humiliated and used by 2 ladies

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Over 70 minutes of hard humiliation and dominance by Miss Kasha and me, Lady Blackdiamoond! Our slave is ordered to suck our rubber cocks, is extremely fucked in the ass and must suck the dirty cocks clean again! We use the slave in various ways, whether as a living ashtray or just for our general amusement, the slave must hold out! Above all, his ass and mouth are used! Just as it should be with such a dirty pig like him, he is humiliated and used! Of course, the slave has to wank for us too while he takes punches! This is the full video of the clips: Deep Throat - into his mouth cunt | Used as a human ashtray by 2 goddesses | Our fuck object - mouth and ass fuck! | Strapon fuck up to the hilt | Wank for us and lick the shoes | Loser whipped and milked