Mistress Blackdiamoond
Weenie on a measuring tape
Weenie on a measuring tape

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I copied the shape of your dick in rubber, and I nearly had to operate with tweezers! But damnit, you lucky motherfucker - you're able to use two fingers for wanking ;). This is kinda only feeling of success you've ever had! But when I see the outcome.. I simply can't stop laughing - not seen such a miserable little dick for long time!! Or should we call it mini-weenie?! Hahahaha... Look which size the measure tape shows you, it's gonna be funny, I swear!! Hmm I'm curious if you're able to squirt at all. Come on, choose your two favourite fingers and start wanking 'til it hurts! I wanna see if you're able to squirt off some sperm at all! Hurry up, I'll give you a countdown, and you know you'd better follow my instructions ;).