Mistress Blackdiamoond
Treatment à la Lady Blackdiamoond and Carmen Rivera
Treatment à la Lady Blackdiamoond and Carmen Rivera

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Did you know that Carmen Rivera and I also offer very special treatments as dominant therapists? For example, we like to help with hemorrhoids! We offer our patients a very special treatment. Our slave will help us. First of all it needs good disinfection. For this I piss in a spray bottle and the slave is sprayed on the ass and in the mouth with this divine champagne. After that, the slave must jerk off in front of us in a glass and swallow his own sperm. Carmen then pisses on the patient's ass, which is used and fucked in the most extreme way by our giant dildos - I even fist him with both hands! Finally, the patient must suck the slave's cock to support the therapy properly. The slave receives a strapon fuck too. Simply perverse and horny!