Mistress Blackdiamoond
Education of the 2 rubber slaves
Education of the 2 rubber slaves

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In this mega video, 2 slaves are made into our rubber bitches. We are 4 ladies and we want to use, humiliate and educate our slaves! First the slaves have to oil each other's latex. We're in our sexy latex clothes too, of course! Then we turn the rubber slaves into real sluts. They each get a mouth cunt and are completely encased in latex! We continue with our strapons! We fuck them in all their holes and also demand that the slaves lick them clean! Of course they also have to blow each other too, after all, they are rubber sluts! Leah Obscure and I have to piss, so we will of course also use a rubber pig and piss directly into its mouth! Tehy will swallow everything! Finally, the slaves must jerk off in front of us! (This video comprises the following 10 clips: Cream latex with oil, Made into a rubber bitch, Totally in latex and made a mouth cunt, Mouth-Cunts have to blow, Blowing Dildos and Strap-Ons - Extreme, Rubber slave becomes a 2-hole bitch, Her living pee toilet, Pissed in his mouth, Licking boots and high heels, In front of the ladies jerking off)