Mistress Blackdiamoond
Latex fuck and piss (Full Clip)
Latex fuck and piss (Full Clip)

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We have a lot of plans for the slave today: First, our latex toy gets to watch as Lady Lexi and I oil each other up and make our horny rubber asses shine. Since he could hardly stop drooling, we quickly thought about what we could do with his slobbering mouth cunt: The slave has to swallow our horny strap-ons nice and deep. He is constantly gagging, but that is exactly what makes us so horny! Strapped to the buck, the slave's holes are at our disposal without him being able to escape. At the same time, we stuff his mouth and ass cunt with our strap-ons. We fuck him hard until he screams loudly. Because he's been good and held out his holes for us, he's allowed to drink our piss at the end. I have to piss so much that the living toilet is overflowing! How many orgasms has the slave probably experienced and at which points did he ask for mercy?