Mistress Blackdiamoond
Fucked in his ass
Fucked in his ass

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In the dungeon, the slave gets tied with massive buckles to the bench while he's lying on his belly. He's adrenalized as soon as he sees Lady Chanel and is excited and scary at the same time when she sits down behind him and he hears the pumping of the lubricant pot. Lady Chanel soon digs her heel into his asshole and pushes it rhythmically deeper until the slave moans. That's exactly what a loser with a little dick needs! Miss Amy joins her and wants the slave to give her pink strap-on a blowjob, before she fucks his asshole with its help. The pink rubberdick meets his tight ass-pussy, while Lady Chanel can't stop laughing.
Tags: Strap-On, Anal