Mistress Blackdiamoond
Double Shoeworship
Double Shoeworship

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FetishLiza and I are sitting together with our hot Louboutin Heels. The little slavepig is kneeling in front of us and is allowed to kiss our shoes. It is a very special honor with this shoes. This little jerk overdoes it and gets laughed. Before he spoil our shoes with his tongue he is only allowed to kiss them and to absorb the smell of the expensive leather. I use this little loser as a footrest while he starts licking hat FetishLizas Heels. He needs to lick the hot shoes very clean befor he is allowed to go further with mine. He gets the heels very deep in his slaveyap. Because he spoiled our beautiful shoes with his dirty tongue he must to go now and buy new Louboutins for us!