Mistress Blackdiamoond
CBT & Ballbusting - we make him impotent
CBT & Ballbusting - we make him impotent

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Today we want to play hard with our slave and his balls. Because this is extremely painful for him, Lady Selina makes sures he's well restrained. We want our fun with the slave and he should have no way out. Even if the bondage is already too tight, Lady Selina makes it tighter. He is now firmly fixed in place whether he wants to be or not. Now that's done we can at last have fun with the slave! We start with some trampling. With our high heels we push deep into his feet. Now on to his balls. We kick and bust his balls again and again. Lady Selina takes a rope and ties his balls with it. Now we can pull at them and step in even better. But how about some weight? Lady Selina first grabs a light one and then takes out the heavy weight to hang on his balls. Will they hold out for long? The slave whimpers and whines but has no chance to escape this ball torture! We continue stretching his balls further and further. We mercilessly beat his balls and kick themagain and again. We'll make the slave completely impotent!