Mistress Blackdiamoond
Dominant Rubber Chucks Ladies - The Complete Movie!
Dominant Rubber Chucks Ladies - The Complete Movie!

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Missy Van Licks and I, Lady Blackdiamoond, totally train our 2 slaves today! We wear sexy rubber outfits and our Chucks and start by putting the first loser in the vacuum bed while the other is locked in the cage below. After that, the caged slave gets into the straitjacket and switches to the standing cage, from where he may worship the divine ass of the mistress. We take the latex slut from the vacuum bed and hang him up by the hands. We attach a leg spreader and examine his cock before putting some electricity through his loser cock and balls! We give the loser one electric shock after the other. We want to use both slaves now so pull both on the rope and have some fun controlling their breathing before making one of them suck the other's cock while we humiliate him further! As a reward, one of them gets to lick Missy Van Licks' pussy, but the other must lick our Chucks and is milked by the milking machine!