Mistress Blackdiamoond
At our mercy and imprisoned - latex straitjacket
At our mercy and imprisoned - latex straitjacket

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After our Rubberboy lay unused in the cage - while we had our fun with the other latex slave - he finally gets free. So that he doesn't start to grab without permission, Missy Van Licks and I stuff him into a latex straitjacket. He is wrapped up nice and tight. To complete the outfit, we add a fuck-mouth gag with thick red lips. Well, how does it feel to kiss our asses with it, huh? So close and yet so far! Blindly he is now locked in the next cage, at our mercy and unable to move, just as we like it. Now have enough time again to take care of the other latex slave. Envious, Rubberboy? (Part 2 of 8 from Fullclip Dominant Rubber Chucks Ladies)
Tags: Latex, Ladies