Mistress Blackdiamoond



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CBT is a short form for „cock and ball torture“. The cock and the balls of a slave get stimulated by pain, which can also lead to deeper lust through pain. There are many options for torment: either the torment by kicks or slaps on cock/balls while the slave is handcuffed, or cock/balls get fixed or squeezed by strings, shakles, or under the boots of the mistress.

Temporarily such an entrapment can lead to stasis, which makes the genital area more sensitive and maximizes pain.

Additionally even weightings can be hung on the cock/balls, or this area gets fixated in the „humbler“, which keeps slaves crawling on all fours, unable to walk upstanding.

Of course there are also more harmless methods like wax-games or whipping the cock/balls.

In particular cases, medical-like urethral shots or shots into the scrotum are also practiced.