Mistress Blackdiamoond
Wanking contest with bad consequences
Wanking contest with bad consequences

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We arranged a top-class challenge between our two slave pigs! They have to wank their piddling dicks as hard as they can and the winner gets a fantastic blowjob from the loser!! Our ambitious piggies start wanking in front of me and Mistress Amy. They get a restricted time schedule, so we include a countdown. To our disappointment, both useless pricks failed at their challenge to extract the juice from their small dicks and so none of them won the blowjob. And yet I would’ve been so pleased to see one of their slavemouths being stretched and abased, drooling! The only chance to get some entertainment at least is to torture them by ourselves, so each of our hillbillies gets a shoe full of rivets that hurt their feet as they will start to walk. But we don’t make them walk, we make these bitches dance and jump around!! Again they get a restricted time command and one of them fails very quickly out of pain.. such a pussy. The other slave has to put on his shoe instead and dance on both! Guess that none of them can look forward to their next sessions, there’s so much torture to come for those shitty objects. At least their abject look is entertaining when their performance isn’t!