Mistress Blackdiamoond
Used in a vacuum bed
Used in a vacuum bed

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Vulnerably the slave lies inside of the vakuum bed, but you can see his outlines quite good. The rubber stretches tight around his body, as we sit down on him. I take his face and ride it, while he probably wishes that he could lick my pussy - but he will never be allowed to do so, haha! This is only for my personal joy! Carrot and stick- stand up and dump down! My friend Carmen Fire is riding on his wrapped cock and brings herself to an intense orgasm. He is good enough to chafe on him, but he's a no-go for fucking! What should I do with these few centimeters? Carmen Fire penetrates his losercock through the rubber with her hands and her tongue...the slave gets visibly randy but he cannot do anything. Just before the highlight he gets dropped, haha!