Mistress Blackdiamoond
The milking machine and the sweating cure
The milking machine and the sweating cure

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My slave is bound with a transparent film and will get a sweating cure from me! Now he is defenseless. And I'm already very happy to put on the milking machine. I want him to bring a lot of sperm out of his dick! I impose the milking machine on his dick and start the machine! This loser seems to feel something already! But this takes too long so I decide to stop the machine! I give him some oil to jerk-off - I won't touch his thing, that's sure! I also use nipple-clamps and candle wax! He has to take a lot of pain again and again! I wax his dick because he is too stupid to cum! And then I put his dick into a chastity belt! Bad luck - He had has chance!