Mistress Blackdiamoond
Serious Kit, my first experience
Serious Kit, my first experience

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Together with my girlfriend Jennifer Carter we will really take control of our slave today, in the "Serious Kit" latex vacuum suit. Our latex fetishist will receive our exclusive, powerful therapy! First we let lots of lubricant run into the suit and then we just turn up the electricity s0 he feels it more and more violently! His whole body is electrified by the fluid. But of course that's not enough for us. He is pushed to the floor and not only gets a heavy rubber mask over his head but also his dick gets enlarged with a special penis pump. His nipples must feel it too it and are sucked hard! His penis should swell massively in the pump, but if it doesn't we'll just hit it until it does! Meanwhile, more lubricant is pumped into the suit along more electric shocks!!! We go on until his head is extremely swollen. Extreme use is what our slave object needs!