Mistress Blackdiamoond
Rubber Dreams
Rubber Dreams

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We're really going to use our latex slave today and it's going to be so hot! First of all, we're going to make him even more beautiful with a latex corsage, then we restrain him to the bed so we can do whatever we want with him. Mext we shine up our latex clothes and those of the slave too and place a gas mask over his head, connected to a tube. We piss into a bowl and place the tube into it so that he must inhale the scent of our piss with no escape! There's no avoiding it! But that's not enough. He now has to drink up all of our piss! He must swallow every drop! But even that's not enough. The object must also deeply inhale the scent of our feet! The slave now gets to lick our latex pussies - for our pleasure, naturally! Finally, we milk the slave into a condom. He'll lick it out afterwards, of course!