Mistress Blackdiamoond
Jerking off while licking my heels!
Jerking off while licking my heels!

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Come on, you dirty piece of shit! You wish to lick your Mistresses shoe soles, and she'll fulfill your wish now. Don't dare to thing that this is gonna be an easy job... she wandered through deep mud puddles just for you. And the mud deposit became really thick! It's gonna crunch between your teeth. So start licking the mud and includet, foreign hairs in it down to the original sole, worm! Yes, that's good. Now put your hand on your miserable weenie and start your handjob. Wank your ugly dick and keep on licking simultaneously. Mistress Blackdiamoond counts down from ten, and at zero you'll have to jerk-off. What, you REALLY did it?! You got horny just by licking her dirty soles? Haha, you see what kind of despicable NOBODY you are?