Mistress Blackdiamoond
Education of the rubber doll
Education of the rubber doll

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In this video you will see what it means to be a living rubber doll! From the transformation to a rubber doll, through teaching the object how to serve as an ashtray, to the fucking of her ass cunt, you will see how I use and humiliate this doll! As soon as one of my slaves is transformed into a rubber doll she will keep this position forever! That means from now on she will be used whenever I want her to be. You will watch the video now and then you can apply to become a rubber doll. I know you want it and you need it! This is the full video of the clips: Rubber Doll Transformation | Rubber doll degraded into an ashtray | Restrained and whipped on her rubber butt | Rubber doll fucked in the ass and then milked