Mistress Blackdiamoond
Education and enslavement by Lady Alice
Education and enslavement by Lady Alice

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In this video, more than 1 hour long, you will see my friend Lady Alice raising and enslaving a slave. In her tight latex dress the mistress looks simply perfect and her slave will of course obey her totally! The video consists of the clips: Ball Busting And Faceslapping By Lady Alice, Used As An Ashtray By Lady Alice, Slave Is Shackled, With A Fist In His Ass, Nipple Torture And Jerking and High Heels Licking Followed By Wanking. You will be there as the slave is used and humiliated in various ways. Whether used as an ashtray or fucked with a fist in the ass, you will get an idea how Lady Alice deals with her slaves and maybe you will be next in the hands of this pro-dominatrix! Actually, never mind "maybe". You want to be used, so you will be next!