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Diaper slave - Adult Baby
Diaper slave - Adult Baby

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Our slave receives a special lesson today! The loser gets a diaper and will serve as our diaper slave. He will become our adult baby and we will spank his ass! Again and again we slap his baby ass, alternating the slaps between us. The adult baby loves getting his ass spanked. Of course, an adult baby also has to drink from a bottle but there is something very special. We have eaten asparagus and our piss smells particularly harsh. I take his bottle and piss in it! Afterwards we both smoke and add our ash into the bottle, further refining my piss. A little snot should be added too! While we smoke we really verbally abuse and humiliate the loser! Whether he wants to or not he will drink everything! We tie his hands behind his back, the pig should have no way out and completely swallow everything in the bottle!