Mistress Blackdiamoond
Delicate slave humiliation
Delicate slave humiliation

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How dare you, slave! Wanking your dick on the toilet, while Mistress Blackdiamoond and Mistress Anny surround you... In return, Mistress Anny staples his hands to the floor with the sharp heels of her boots, as Mistress Blackdiamoond's pissing into his abnormal, dirty mouth. Swallow every little drop, slave! Without ifs and buts! Because he could not behave, he also has to lick the toilet bowl clean. As both Mistresses already expected his failure, they prepared the edges with dried drops of piss and shit. Keep dunking your head until you're retching! Stick out your tongue and lick it all! This little arsehole will soon learn to be obedient.