Mistress Blackdiamoond
Boot Worship
Boot Worship

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This litte whore is kneeling in front of FetishLiza and me in his Lackboots and must lick our hot High Heel Boots. In between he gets few hard kicks from me in his armly slavemug. Now he knows what he expect if he wont clean the boots enough. He is licking the upper and the sole of Lizas hot boots and he gets very horny. But he wont get an happy end today! Instead he needs to lie on the ground gets a proper cocktrampling by FetishLiza. Meanwhile I stick my pointed heels into his his nipples, his hands and kick again hardly in his face. It makes so much fun to see this loser suffering. He needs to turn around on his belly and gets hart stitches and welts on his back with our heels. After that a few more kicks in his face and he whines of pain.