Mistress Blackdiamoond


You’re already a money slave or wanna become one? Then you’re in the right place now, ‘cause I’ll slowly drive you there, until you serve me consistently.

I’m a lady with a special lifestyle and high expectations - fetish and dominance are a daily grind for me.. and as a badass businesslady I’m certainly not reliant on your payments. But you should know that when you’ve once started to serve me, I will fragrantly exploit you and turn you bit by bit into a subject which is only existing to serve me as his mistress.

So you should get straight that I’m not a beginner. I know perfectly how your slave brain works; and your loser dick will give me additional power over your wallet.

Maybe you’ll meet me soon live at a cash&go, lick my boots, carry my bags while I go shopping or be at my mercy as a blackmail slave.

I love to educate my slaves in real life, to keep them chaste or feminize them, use them as my furniture or even turn them into my personal toilet. As I attach importance to educate my slaves according to my preferences, you should be deployable multifunctionally. Of course you can have your no-gos as a moneyslave - in case these no-gos overlap with my preferences, you’ll have to pay the penalty.

We’ll start slowly. Bit by bit I’ll pave the way for the goal - this goal is to administrate your whole finances and thereby have the full power over you and your life.

So what’s up now? Do you have the courage to take the first step? Just now you have that feeling creeping over you. You feel excitement ‘cause you don’t know what happens next, and your slave dick additive tells you to just do it.

You don’t need to think about it, ‘cause you know what you want very well. Your dick already knows it, and you know it, too. You wanna be guided and you want to be my moneyslave.

Therefore you’ll pay a tribute between 25€ and 500€, depending on the thickness of your wallet. As soon as this has happened, the course is set and you can contact me!