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Mistress Blackdiamoond


Written on 20.04.2023 at 18:34 by Mistress Blackdiamoond

Basics of CBT and how to properly use power and kicks.


 Explanation CBT:

 CBT stands for Cock and Ball Torture and is a BDSM practice in which the partner's genitals are stimulated or painfully treated.  There are different techniques to stimulate or even torment the partner.  Today we focus on the use of power and kicks.



 Before we start with the stream, it is important to make sure that you are using a suitable device.  There are specific electro sex devices suitable for CBT.  For beginners, however, we recommend a smaller device with less power.

 Start with a low level and slowly increase the intensity.  Always pay attention to your partner's reactions.

 Electricity can be used in a variety of ways, such as by placing electrodes on the genitals or by attaching clamps.



 The use of kicks requires special care and should only be performed by experienced people.  Start with light kicks and slowly increase the intensity.  Pay attention to your partner's reactions and stop immediately if they are in pain.

 Kicks can be performed either frontally or from the side.  It is important that the partner stands or lies in a stable position to avoid injuries.